>Battle: L.A.: Review

>     Before I get into my review I would like to talk about “moviegoing” as I experience it. Everytime I go something always goes wrong, whether it be the temperature inside, the popcorn  from last month or

someone constantly talking. These things aside, I always go, knowing that one of these things is inevitably going to happen. I love going to the movies and I hope that I am always able to go.
     Or…we could do what my girlfriend says to do to avoid all of that…we could go to the Drive-In and avoid the bad food by bringing our own. We could avoid people talking because we’d be in the car and we’d control our own temperature. But, the Drive-In is only open during the summer.


     Battle: LA is set in 2011 (oddly enough) and that is actually one of the first things about this movie that I liked. We’re always thrown into the future or back into the past, so it was nice to see a movie that set us right in the present. Aaron Eckhart, (The Core, Dark Knight) plays Michael Nantz a staff sergeant with the US military. Of course he’s playing a tough guy but he’s got some emotional baggage too. You’ll figure it out. Also, let me just say that how he got a chin that dimpled is beyond me. But, I do like Eckhart and he gives a solid performance throughout the movie.

     Getting ready to go into retirement, Nantz and the rest of his base become aware of a meteor strike about to hit Earth. Naturally, they’re not meteors. They’re aliens come to steal our resources and wipe us off the planet. Simple and to the point. Nantz goes out with a squad of marines to evacuate some trapped citizens at a local police station. He is, however, under command of a newly graduated, top-of-his-class lieutenant who is still green. We all know that eventually, Eckhart is going to have to take command.

     This movie does have some great production in it. The dust that always hangs in the air and the broken buildings add great detail. The sound effects are also complete with defeaning explosions and crackling gunfire. The aliens themselves are pretty cool too, but I don’t want to ruin anything. The gunfight on the bridge has to be my favorite part of the movie.

     Eventually, Michelle Rodriguez (Resident Evil, Lost, Avatar) makes an appearance with an alternate mission for Nantz and company. I really like Rodriguez and it’s too bad that they didn’t give her a bigger part. She’s got the ability to be a great supporting actress but I didn’t feel she was given ample opportunity in this movie. Even Michael Pena (Crash) made it into this movie and he’s another that didn’t get much screen time.

     Overall, Battle:LA is a good movie. The plot and characters are nothing that we haven’t seen before but it does have great production value in it. The detail and action are really what keeps you interested. Eckhart is given some cheesy dialogue but he makes it worth listening to. Defintely worth going to the theater for.

Saxon Davis March 22, 2011



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