>Hop: Review

>     So, I watched Hop this past weekend and I think it’s good that we have an Easter movie come out. We don’t really see any movies that are related to Easter anymore, even though this wasn’t really about “Easter.” But, the good news is that it was a good movie. A family movie, I might add. Not really directed toward the 18-35 year old male crowd that I inhabit. Hey, I enjoy a family movie just as much as anybody else!

     Hop is about E.B., (guess what that stands for?) voiced by Russel Brand with his wonderfully, British, accent. E.B. is currently next in his family’s line to become the Easter Bunny. Hop actually opens with E.B. playing bongos on top of one of the Easter Island heads. I also thought that was a nice touch; their Easter headquarters on Easter Island. Irony, anyone?

     I won’t say that E.B. doesn’t want to be the Easter Bunny, but he wants to be something else, like a drummer per say. His father, the current Easter Bunny, is very adamant about E.B. becoming the next Easter Bunny. The father is played by another British actor, Hugh Laurie who you might know as Dr. House on Fox. It’s nice every now and then to hear how he actually talks. So, E.B. takes off to Los Angeles and meets Fred O’Hare played by James Marsden. I forgot to tell you that Fred narrates the beginning and says this is the story of how I became the Easter Bunny. What?

     Fred and E.B. cause problems for each other in L.A. while E.B.’s father is under a lot of stress, mostly caused by his second-in-command, Carlos, voiced by Hank Azaria.

     I don’t want to give everything away in my review so I’ll wrap it up right here. Hop is a good family movie complete with good laughs, excellent animation and leaves you with a good feeling at the end. Even David Hasselhoff makes an appearance as himself, which was actually one of my favorite parts of the movie. I still think some kids are going to be leaving the theater asking, “Why did that man want to be the Easter Bunny?”


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