>Green Hornet: Review

>Were you wondering if Seth Rogen’s attempt at a “superhero” movie was any good? So was I.

It’s a-ight…

     First off, let me say that I’m not really a big fan of Seth Rogen. He was funny in Pineapple Express with James Franco, but I could care less about anything else he’s in. In the Green Hornet he plays Britt Reid, son of a successful (successful means wealthy…) newspaper owner. Of course he’s a playboy with no job just sleeping around, living the good life. Like, why would anyone do that?

     Let me also say that I want a coffee machine like the one he has in the movie.

     Anyway, tragedy strikes and Britt meets Kato, played by Jay Chou who was one of the reasons I kept watching. Kato has been making and modifying things for Britt’s dad for quite some time and they decide to fight crime. Of course with every hero there has to be a bad guy. This bad guy’s name is Chudnofsky…weird, right? Christoph Waltz who you might remember as the Colonel from Inglorious Basterds, is pretty awesome. He was awesome in IB and hasn’t lost any of his charm for this movie. He’s quite obsessed with being scary.

     Sometimes the comedy works and sometimes it doesn’t. Kato and Chudnofsky are the two characters that made this movie for me. The action sequences are pretty neat but left me wondering how exactly it all happened. Sometimes movies make people a little to awesome…you know? The ending is good too. Not because it ended, just because it’s neat. Worth a dolla? Make ya holla!


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