>Thor: Review

>    Is it awesome? Yes. Is it awesome in 3D? No, but keep in mind I was roped into watching it in 3D because I figured that the theater I went to was not even capable of 3D. I bought my ticket anyway, unsuspectingly.

     “Here’s your 3D glasses, sir.”
     “What, but…”
     “Enjoy your movie!”

I had no choice. I’d already paid and was trying not to bend my ticket even though the lady by the door was going to tear it in half.

It doesn’t even say 3D on my ticket!


     Chris Hemsworth, who you may recognize as Kirk’s dad from the 2009 Star Trek reboot, is excellent as Thor. In the comics, Thor was proud, sometimes on the verge of arrogant and just plain tough. In the movie, Hemsworth plays him just as he should be. I absolutely love when a movie sticks with its source material. There’s no sense in screwing things up because people want comic book movies to be like the comics. Don’t get me wrong, even if you’ve never read any of the comics you’re still going to like this movie. I’m sure the ladies will especially like Hemsworth. I want a beard like that!

     I guess I should explain who Thor is. He’s a god (of thunder!) who lives in Asgard, which is home of the gods. His weapon is a hammer named Mjolnir and Thor is the only person worthy and strong enough to wield it. He can call up lightning at will and is super strong. There, now you know. Because, knowledge is power!

     Now, to the actor that surely everyone will recognize: Anthony Hopkins. No, he’s not playing a twisted killer like Hannibal. Hopkins plays Odin, Thor’s father and ruler of the gods in Asgard. He is also excellent which he always is in anything he plays. Thor also has a half brother named Loki. He’s the god of magic and is kind of a trouble maker.

     One of my favorite parts of this movie is the Frost Giants. They’re so evil and I love the way their ruler talks. His voice just oozes with malice and the red eyes only accentuate the voice. Another awesome aspect of this movie is Thor himself. I don’t mean the actor, I mean the fact that he’s just so awesome. When you watch him fight you’ll know what I mean.

     So, back to the movie itself. Thor is cast down to Earth to basically just learn a lesson, but keep in mind that it is an important one. While Thor is gone, his half brother, Loki, causes trouble for everyone in Asgard. On Earth, Thor meets Jane, a scientist-star gazer played by Natalie Portman. This is where the humor comes in. Let me say that it actually is funny and not just cheap laughs for the sake of trying to get you to like the characters. Along the way the movie introduces things to you such as the Destroyer, the Rainbow Bridge and even Heimdall the gatekeeper.

     Seriously people, go watch Thor. It’s definitely worth your time and money but avoid it in 3D. There were a few aspects of it that were cool in 3D but not worth the extra three or four dollars per ticket. The theater I watched it at was not equipped for a 3D movie and I think everybody else knew it too. I kept noticing everyone straining to look through their glasses to focus in on the screen. Hollywood will just about tack 3D onto any movie just to draw in more crowds and more money. Avatar, while you were good you also started a very bad trend. Thanks. As for me, Thor was killer good.


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